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Everything we make comes from the best ingredients we can buy, prepared by a team of highly skilled cooks and chefs, and always delivered with a friendly smile.

*Not all items available at all locations. For a full, location specific menu, with pricing, please select your preferred location.

Cheese Garlic Bread
Fresh-baked ciabatta garlic bread with roasted garlic butter, topped with mozzarella and provolone cheeses and drizzled with basil oil.
Bite-sized pieces of tender, meaty pork ribs basted with our signature BBQ sauce.**
Tender calamari and sliced pepperoncinis, lightly breaded and fried crispy. Drizzled with lemon aioli and served with our spicy marinara.**
Three mini burgers topped with crispy onion strings, cheddar cheese, peppercorn mayo, and a pickle.**
Three sliders featuring our all-beef homemade meatballs.**
Seasoned fries smothered in our signature cheese sauce with peppered bacon pieces, cheddar cheese, garlic sauce, sour cream and diced tomatoes.
Grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, mozzarella cheese and bleu cheese dressing baked inside our handmade dough.**
Absolutely, without a doubt the BEST chicken wings ever. Served in your choice of five amazing flavors.
An all-time classic: mozzarella cheese, lightly fried and served with our made-in-house marinara.
Tortilla chips layered with black beans, Anaheim peppers, onions, tomatoes, cheddar, pepper jack and mozzarella cheeses, cilantro, sour cream and salsa.
Gather 'round our Artichoke Dip, both Buffalo and Applewood Roasted Wings, Chicken Strips and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks.**
House-made, hand-twisted pretzel dough full of sharp cheddar and minced jalapeño peppers.
Absolutely, without a doubt the BEST chicken wings ever. Served in your choice of five amazing flavors.
House-made pasta chips topped with a kicked-up blend of cheeses and some primo pizza toppings.
Three Old Chicago favorites: Italian Nachos, Cheese Garlic Bread and Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls™.**
Artichoke hearts melted with cream cheese and our own spice blend. Served with fresh garlic bread and veggies.
Fresh-made dough, rolled up with pepperoni, green onions and cheese, baked and served with our own marinara.
Old Chicago Chopped Salad
Applewood-spiced chicken, bacon, bleu cheese and veggies, tossed with pasta in our creamy herb dressing.**
Thick cut fresh mozzarella slices with baby spinach, ripe tomatoes, fresh basil and black olives.
(pricing shown is for the side portion)
Crispy chicken, fresh greens, tomatoes, onions and shredded cheese. Served with ranch dressing.
Fresh greens with carrots, cucumbers, croutons, toasted almonds and a cherry tomato.
(pricing shown is for the side portion)
Our signature Caesar with grilled applewood-spiced chicken, shaved parmesan and basil croutons.
Applewood-spiced chicken, avocado, spinach and romaine, sun-dried tomatoes and house-made lemon vinaigrette.
Bleu cheese crumbles and a harvest-inspired selection of fruits and nuts, tossed in house-made herb dressing.
Fresh greens, cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, black olives, artichoke hearts, Feta, red onions and Greek dressing.
(pricing shown is for the side portion)
Chicago 7™ Pizza
Pepperoni, Italian sausage, red onions, black olives, green peppers, sliced mushrooms and signature house pizza sauce.
Pesto sauce, mozzarella, spinach, black olives, diced tomatoes and sliced spicy link sausage, finished with feta cheese and chopped parsley.
Jalapeno cream cheese smothered in pizza sauce with mozzarella and pepper jack cheeses. Canadian bacon, diced tomatoes, and topped with green onions.
A classic combination of sliced meatballs, salami, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, onions, roasted garlic, peppers and pizza sauce, finished with sliced pepperoncini.
Applewood-spiced grilled chicken breast, peppered bacon, pepper jack and cheddar cheese, atop a creamy Alfredo sauce

Applewood-spiced grilled chicken breast, imported artichoke hearts, mozzarella, provolone, diced tomatoes, and fresh spinach

Roasted chicken, mushrooms, red peppers, broccoli and Thai chili sauce, topped with green onions, teriyaki, sesame seeds, mozzarella and cheddar.**
You want toppings? We have toppings...lots, and lots of toppings...
Hungry like the wolf? You just found your new favorite pizza. Loaded with four premium meaty toppings.
Chicago Thick or Tavern Thin crust, any of our made-in-house pizza sauces and our signature cheese blend.
Pesto sauce, house-made tomato bruschetta, roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil.
Enjoy house-made lemon garlic sauce, grilled chicken and more on this tangy Tuscan treat.
Covered coast-to-coast with a double dose of pepperoni, hot sauce and parsley.
Signature house pizza sauce, pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, Italian sausage and roasted garlic.
Canadian bacon, fresh pineapple, red peppers, green onions and sweet Thai chili tomato sauce.
Smoky, savory and spicy with BBQ pizza sauce, red onions, red peppers and applewood-spiced grilled chicken.
Meat Me™ Calzone
FOUR MEATS. Fresh basil. Mozzarella, ricotta and Asiago cheeses. Need we say more?
A spicy mix of pepperoni, salami, sweet Italian sausage, three Italian cheeses, red peppers, red onions, and pepperocini.
Filled with a blend of mozzarella, ricotta and Asiago cheeses; then stuffed with toppings of your choice, for an additional charge.
Loaded with pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, fresh basil, oven-roasted garlic and three cheeses.**
An Old Chicago original: pepperoni and Italian sausage, loaded with veggies and a blend of three cheeses.
Chicken Pesto Panini
Hearty sourdough bread with traditional Italian ingredients that blend perfectly with our applewood chicken.
Shaved Angus beef and sliced Anaheim peppers atop a toasted Italian roll brushed with garlic butter. Topped with melted cheddar and peppered bacon.**
Shaved Angus Beef atop a toasted Italian roll with our spicy marinara, marinated vegetables, caramelized onions, melted Provolone, and topped with crispy onion strings.**
Grilled with a light lager and smothered in caramelized onions and our beer cheese sauce, topped with crispy onion straws.**
Topped with fresh mozzarella, diced tomatoes and fresh basil with a balsamic vinaigrette and pesto.**
Topped with peppered bacon, creamy bleu cheese sauce and balsamic mushrooms and drizzled with our whiskey sauce.**
Topped with sautéed balsamic mushrooms, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.**

With three meats, melted provolone cheese, and spicy red pepper mayo on rye bread, this sensational sandwich has all the deli-fresh flavor you're looking for.**

Looking for a little West Coast flavor? Try this delicious grilled chicken sandwich with avocado, swiss and a touch of ranch.
Everything you love about a club sandwich, served on toasted challah with our house-made peppercorn mayo.
Topped with house-made bleu cheese sauce, house-made peppercorn sauce and crispy onion strings.**
Our no-compromise take on the classic cheeseburger. Loaded with sharp cheddar.

Brushed with house-made BBQ sauce, topped with cheddar and peppered bacon strips.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Trio
Three ice cream sandwiches made with our house baked chocolate chip cookies, stuffed full with vanilla ice cream.

A deep-dish pizza pan loaded with oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough, oven-baked and cut in slices.
Hand-crafted New York-style cheesecake with strawberry preserves and a graham cracker crust.
A deep-dish pizza pan loaded with oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough, oven-baked and cut in slices.
Chicago 7™ Stromboli
Packed with 7 of Chicago's favorite ingredients then folded in our unforgettable house-made dough.**
Sliced turkey, Canadian bacon, peppered bacon, tomatoes, and spinach finished with a drizzle of peppercorn mayo, mozzarella and Swiss cheeses.**

Applewood-spiced chicken, roasted bell peppers, mushrooms, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, seasoned with jamaican jerk spice.**
Fish and Chips
Samuel Adams® beer-battered cod lightly fried. Served with tangy tartar sauce, cole slaw and seasoned fries.
Start with our corkscrew macaroni and choose one of our two creamy sauces, an aged white cheddar, or a rich golden beer cheese sauce, topped with buttered bread crumbs.**
Corkscrew macaroni, jalapeno peppers, peppered bacon blended with our beer cheese sauce and topped with cheddar...**
Corkscrew macaroni, Anaheim peppers, roasted red peppers and Andouille sausage blended with Cajun spices and our white cheddar cheese sauce.**
Pesto sauce blended with creamy white cheddar cheese with corkscrew macaroni, broccoli, and roasted chicken topped with aged white cheddar and buttered bread crumbs.**
Spaghetti tossed in our signature meat sauce topped with your choice of a house-made meatball or sweet Italian link sausage.**
Chicken breast strips, lightly fried.Served with seasoned fries and choice of ranch, honey mustard or bleu cheese dressing.
Macaroni sautéed in house-made cheese sauce with a splash of beer, topped with sharp cheddar and bread crumbs.**
Fresh fettuccine noodles with grilled applewood-spiced chicken tossed in our unforgettable Alfredo sauce, made in house daily.**
Spaghetti tossed in made-from-scratch Alfredo sauce, slow baked and served by the slice over house marinara.
Fried Spicy Pickles
Flash fried with beer batter and tossed in a zesty Southern spice blend.
Our crispy kettle chips, tossed in your choice of seasoning and served with dipping sauce.**
Tossed in your choice of seasoning then served hot and crispy with your choice of sauce for dipping.**
Fried Calamari and sliced pepperoncinis, lightly breaded and fried crispy. Drizzled with lemon aioli and served with our spicy marinara.**
Fresh, crispy snap peas lightly battered in rice flour then flash fried and seasoned with salt & pepper. Served with a zesty lemon aioli.
Creamy jalapeno cheese stuffed ravioli fried to perfection and sprinkled with Parmesan and romano cheeses.
Bite-sized all-beef meatballs stuffed with mozzarella cheese, panko battered and fried crispy. Topped with shaved Parmesan and parsley.**
Zucchini strips tossed in beer batter and seasonings, then fried crispy.